iPhone Apps For Law Students

Amazon Prime

For starters, ok this one is not an app, but you absolutely need to get an Amazon Prime membership. Over the course of three years you will save HUNDREDS of dollars on book prices and shipping if you order all your books through Amazon. Check out each of our outlines on the site for suggestions on which supplements you need to Ace all your classes.

Save Hundreds on books with: Amazon Prime

Dropbox – Never loose another assignment

Dropbox automatically backs up all your files and syncs them across multiple devices. Perfect for accessing files at the library to print, or cross reference cases. This means you will have all your notes, memos, cases, etc. with you on the go no matter where you are. 2GB free storage allows you to keep your important law school assignments safe, allows you to access them anywhere, and most importantly ensures that none of you valuable work gets lost in the unfortunate event that your computer crashes or gets lost/stolen. Get Dropbox free online storage and get instant peace of mind.

Get Dropbox Free Online Storage and iPhone App

Black’s Law Dictionary

This iPhone app for law school students puts the entire Black’s Law Dictionary at your finger tips. Currently in its 8th Edition this legal dictionary is fantastic for quickly looking up words while you are reading through case books. No need to waste time flipping through pages of a book when you can simply enter your search term and instantly pull up the definition. This app also links directly to WestLaw so you can click on the links within the definitions that will bring you directly to cited cases and statutes on WestLaw. Another great feature included is audio pronunciations of hard to say words, just click the icon and the word will be spoken on your iPhone speaker.

Download Black’s Law Dictionary from iTunes



The Evernote iPhone app works best as a supplement to the full featured desktop app. With Evernote you can sync all your class notes between devices. That means every single note you take down in class will be automatically sent to your iPhone for studying on the go. When you find yourself with a little extra time, which you will rarely have in law school, you can break out the iPhone and get a quick refresher of all your notes.

Download Evernote from iTunes



This app features the United States Constitution, Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure, Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure, Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure, ad Federal Rules of Evidence. Great resource for looking up rules in class, studying on the go, or general reference and studying.

Download LawStack from iTunes


Search case law in a flash with this killer app. With this app you can search cases on the go, save cases for future reference, and even browse through statutes by state. Great reference every law student should have

Download Fastcase from iTunes

Get Cases (LexisNexis)
The official iPhone app from LexisNexis, Get Cases, allows you to search case law with speed. Within the app you can Shepardize cases, bookmark cases and statutes for future reference, as well as email results when needed.

Download Get Cases from iTunes


The official BarBri app is fantastic for those of you who have already registered with BarBri. The iPhone app lets you watch lectures (audio or video), read outlines, take quizzes, and track your progress. This app is essential come finals, and perfect for reviewing all that information you crammed into your brain over the last few months. The only downside is you first need to put a deposit on BarBri which may trun some people away, but the iPhone BarBri app alone is well worth the $20 for the registration. You can download for free, but you will need to register in order to access all the great content.

Download BarBri from iTunes

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